Weird Things Happen

by Polina O

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This is a weird little diddly doodly album that I made out of what I had...that was a bit off centre or a little odd.

I feel it was a good find this bunch of songs. I hope you enjoy them nearly as much as I enjoyed making them crazy tunes....

it's not about nice things though. It's about sexual exploitation, and sexualisation of women in general. Also truly about the use of people and how they use things about you and how they find what they can to make things work but then again, you're just you and they're just creepy people well, we're all a bit creepy. We are all finding our way.


released January 2, 2017

All music voice and recording by me.



all rights reserved


Polina Melbourne, Australia

One woman band. I have over the past year channeled a lot of music. I hope you enjoy my quirky and melodic that they are in album form and readily available. Thank you :) P

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Track Name: 01. Ride
Find. Ride. Right. Tide

Rosy rosy, posy pony
Pretty Betty, bossy bogan
Classy sexy, same same
But different somehow
So sorry so loud so....

Find. Ride. Right. Tide.

Go slow sister
Holy moly toe to toe
Electro-swallow- soft rock hard co'
operative - copy paste it!
Track Name: 02. No Hear(t)
The boy who broke my heart
...Has a moustache
The boy who broke my heart
...Has blue eyes
The Boy who broke my heart
..Has blonde hair
The Boy who broke my heart
...Has no heart...

He has no heart....

The girl who broke my heart
...Has nice hair...?
The girl who broke my heart
...Has blue eyes...??
The girl who broke my heart
...Has ...nice skin?
...The girl who broke my heart
....Had no heart

She had no heart
She had no heart
He had no heart
She had no heart
He had not heart
She had no heart.....etc.
Track Name: 03. Interim
Oh how lovely
This experience of bliss
When I hold you
I let all that I am eclipse
Oh so cunning
The nature of our lucid dreams
When I hold you
I am much more than me for I am "THIS"

Oh how funny
This intention to be "whole"
Bare remembrance
That we are forever home
But a nuisance
In this all engulfing haze
Light and shadow
Intertwine creating gaze of "ALL"

When the time comes round
When the tide comes down
When the ties fall down...
Then we'll come undone
Track Name: 04. Nick.
Nick get well soon

Don't break your back, son,

Just. Chill....
Track Name: 05. Mermaid Song
(Mermaid noises)

Trembling mermaid-tail whalers
Faring the seas in umbrellas
Freeing the race with fearless pose
Joke making cockroach amebas

Free the mermaids
Save the whales the seals and other stuff
Free the mermaids
Free the nipple dimple bluff
Free the mermaids
Save the forest, oceans, all that stuff
Free the mermaids
Free the boofy baby booty buff

Only us mermaids know where it goes
The sun after dark is in our blowholes
Joking around with the sailors
Making us moneys with them asset talons

Free the dollar bowler baby boomer love
Free the richy bitchy golden calf
Free the gucci blotchy botchy boobs
Free the goofy daffy booshy doofs

Doof doof doof
Track Name: 06. Mammalian
I'm a mammalian mammal....don't read the lyrics just feel it man.
Track Name: 07. Chasing Shadows
I can't be bothered remembering all of that stuff.
Track Name: 08. Tyler
Tyler. You don't have to do the dishes Tyler
Track Name: 09. Invisible Boy
I can see you....I can see you.....

Invisible boy....

shhhhhh.....I can see you.....

When I wake up, there's no one by me
And I ask why? For you I feel so light in the ethers
Like feathers, dropping snow,
Cigarette smoke, listening to my c(l)ock...

When I wake up, there's one boy for me
In the ethers, he's drifting slowly by
And it matters not if it's real cos

He is my imaginary boy and that is good enough for me...

Closed doors, closed doors
Wide eyes shut
So close, so close,
We're a-part
Of a funny game we play

Ready or not here I come....

When I wake up
I find that I'm alone
But it bothers just for a moment
I imagine it would be just as good

In the real world, but I'd rather dream about it

When I wake up there's no one by me
But in my life, there's someone for me
He's in the ethers he's looking for me

Kind of like a Jesus only not really a Jesus he's a

Closed book closed book
White light boy
So close so close, I'm a toy
In this funny game we play, ready or not....

I think not....


Invisible boy

Track Name: 10. Lar'ge
Maria baby, spoke too soon...
Maria living life in full....

Cos you know it's true

A porcelain silicone, enlightened me, a canopy of trees
In sunny dreamland only me - inside a sunny dream machine
Forging free, silly be, in simple aubergine mirage
An entourage,
Surrounded, cynical, but living large...


An abstract thought inside the mind,
Combines with ribbons intertwined
Into a ball inside my throat
It grows, it tickles, it grows old....
A golden, silicone mirage, a sabotage, a blinding rush
A crystal cake inside the mind,
So blind yet youthful, living large....


but living....large.
Track Name: 11. Wanderlust
Aiie-yoooahhh-siii-oooo (Winds of change)

How can I tame this wanderlust
Never enough for both of us
Beckoning laughter of my heart
Only ignites when we're apart


Now that you've come here on your own
Hoping to cross my Rubicon
Beckoning palms and empty heart
You wouldn't know here where to start

Track Name: 12. Rose
Midnight flowers, colouring worlds with blood of angels
Enter goddess, filtering out all that may enter "gold"

Full and empty, pulling me deep into the cosmos
Holy, cradled, placing me softly deep inside her rose....


Solar-conjured, facing the brink of new horizons,
Call me...daughter? Holy, imploded into flower of life....

Oh my goddess...breathing me into creation
Holy waters bringing me down to meet her in her rose...